Reading Out Loud, Together: An Interview with Mary Ann Paulin
    by (interview) Mary Ann Paulin & John Cech

We spoke recently with Mary Ann Paulin, a public librarian from Marquette, Michigan, and the author of two books on the Creative Uses of Childrens Literature. Ms Paulin s central concern is how to bring children in dynamic touch with literature, especially with poetry. One of the ways that she has found for encouraging this experience is through having children read poetry aloud together among themselves and with adults. In fact, during the pre-television and radio 19th century whole evenings were built around families and friends holding choral readings of poetry. And the value of doing this is still there, as Ms. Paulin explains.

Here are Becca Chodorkoff and Dianna Winn Levine showing just how much fun these ideas can be, when you put them into practice:

Copyright 2001 by (interview) Mary Ann Paulin & John Cech

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