World Rights of the Child Day
    by Recess

Last week, during Children's Book Week, we heard about some of the new books that are waiting to fuel a childs mind. But for there to even be books in our children s hands -- books to summon wonder, kindle curiousity, feed a hungry imagination, or soothe a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day -- some fundamental things should ideally be in place for all children.

The United Nations realized, soon after its founding, that it had to make some effort to guarantee children certain rights, just as governments granted them to their fully enfranchised, adult citizens. And so, fourty years ago this week the UN adopted the Declaration of Childrens Rights, as an attempt to raise international consciousness and ultimately to effect international actions. We thought that today, on World Rights of the Child Day, when these rights are so often and so sadly ignored, we wish to add what we can to this awareness. Here, then, are the Rights of the Child, read by the children of our area:

The right to affection, love and understanding
The right to adequate nutrition and medical care
The right to free education
The right to full opportunity for play and recreation
The right to a name and nationality
The right to special care, if handicapped
The right to be among the first to receive relief in times of disaster
The right to be a useful member of society and to develop individual abilities
The right to be brought up in a spirit of peace and universal brotherhood
The right to enjoy these rights regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national or social origin

Our deep appreciation to Jerre Conner for her efforts coordinating this program and to the children who lent their voices to this reading.

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