Kids Rock
    by John Cech

That's one of Bobby Darin's hits, suddenly turned young again, dripping wet, and ready to shake the water off. It's one of the 13 delightful songs on "Toddlers Sing Rock and Roll," from Music for Little People, another in their series of song collections that are sung by children for children. It's great to hear the kids get cranking on old standards like "Blue Suede Shoes" and "Twist and Shout," "La Bamba" and that Jackson Five number that started it all:

The way the toddlers do it reminds us how fresh and playful -- how child-like many of these songs were. For at least a part of rock 'n' roll -- it's ebullient, innocent energy -- was inspired by and made for childhood, with hooks and beats that will always keep the eternal little jitterbugs dancing.

Copyright 2002 by John Cech

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Wednesday, 04-Sep-2002 22:19:32 EDT

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