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Maple Sugar Thanksgiving-Interview with Princess Red Wing
    by John Cech

You're about to hear a recording, from 1981 -- please forgive its quality: it was made in the days before digital audio equipment on an ordinary cassette tape recorder. What makes it valuable, and something to be thankful that we have, is that it's one of the stories of the late Princess Red Wing, who passed away a few years after this interview. She was one of the leaders the Wampanoag tribe of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Red Wing was a direct descendant of Simeon Simonds, the young, blue-eyed Wampanoag guide who accompanied General Washington through his final campaigns and victories, and who, it is believed, was the grandson of King Phillip, the Wampanoag Massasoit who adopted the English titles of nobility and made war on the early colonies in defense of his ancestral habitat, his family and traditions. In this excerpt, Red Wing describes the first Thanksgiving of the year for the Native Americans of the Northeast.

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Copyright 2004 John Cech

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