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If you're starting to pull together those loose ends for a family car trip this summer, you might want to consider packing a copy of this new CD compilation, Sing Along with Putumayo. It may really come in handy to have the old standard you've just been listening to, sung here by Elizabeth Mitchell, if you're logging miles through bayou country, say -- it was written by a former governor of Louisiana.

Arlo Guthrie will have you building an imaginary house as you cross the plains, to the the tune of his father's song, "Bling-Blang"; Rhonda Vincent, the bluegrass artist, does a yummy cover for Raffi's "Bananaphone"; and Tim O'Brien picks his way through one of Bob Dylan's rare children's songs, about something that happened, way back at the beginning of everything:

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And if the day (and the road) is long, and everyone's getting just a little tired and groggy, maybe it's time for something completely different to sing along with and get centered again:

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