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Kids, Cars, and Campfires
    by John Cech


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That's the incomparable Guy Davis with part of his "New Shoes" -- a song that's sure to make the miles or the hours go by a whole lot faster this summer. It's from a required vacation CD called Kids, Cars, and Campfires from Red House Records. This song collection blends familiar folk standards, like "Froggie Went A-Courtin," "The Fox," and "Little Brown Dog" with newer tunes from Tom Paxton, Greg Davis, and the Chenille Sisters. There's Spider John Koerner with his fully textured string band sound, and quiet close harmonies from John Gorka and friends in "Branching Out" about the virtues of living one's life like a tree:

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And every camp-out needs a reverie to the moon, to go with marshmallows and stories and summer dreams. Here's Sally Rogers and Claudia Schmidt with theirs

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