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Back to School Sounds
    by John Cech


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Here's how we're waking up at our house to start the new school year -- with the Brazilian singer NazareŽ Pereira singing "Bonjour Pra Voce" -- a good morning song that goes well with corn flakes or scrambled eggs -- from a joyful CD called World Playground from Putumayo World Music. This year, at least for awhile, I'm determined to turn off the traffic, weather, stock market, and every other kind of report, and let other sounds help us to get us ready and out the door.

We'll have Manu Chao, from France, while we're deciding what to wear and adding just that touch of hair gel --

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And you've got to have something really mellow for packing lunches and loading up back-packs and cars, like the Senegalese singer, ToureŽ Kunda's "Fatou Yo" --

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Then there's Shlomo Gronich and the Sheba Choir with their Israeli / Ethiopian fusion to ease those deflated spirits --

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And at the end of the day, for facing homework and all-purpose restoration, we'll invite in Eric Bibb & Needed Time and just settle back.

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