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Catch the Moon
    by John Cech


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That's Lisa Loeb, singing about "Butterflies" on her new CD for children, Catch the Moon. This an album of lovely songs, -- original and traditional, with fresh versions of old favorites like Steven Foster's "Oh Susanna" and Bob Dylan's "New Morning." This is a generous-spirited collaboration between Ms. Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell and Daniel Littleton, two other talented singers and musicians. Here they're harmonzie together on "Free Little Bird":

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An international thread runs through their selections, with works from Europe and Asia, sung in their original languages, like the Japanese rhyme about the rolling acorn, "Donquri":

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And then there are the times when this trio (with some extra help on the chorus) seems like it can just keep rolling on forever. Cue this up for your family, and you'll all be singing along forever, too:

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