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A Piece of Peace
    by John Cech


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Imagine having this on the cd player in the car, as you’re chasing around from store to store with the kids, on the busiest shopping day of the year, when we’re all obliged to be out and doing. You’re hearing Liz Story, with part of a Ravel-like tune by Bill Evans titled “Peace Piece” from a double-disc recording called Lullaby from Windham Hill. One disc is all instrumental music, and the other is devoted to vocal songs for day’s end. The best lullabies for kids also work for adults, like Tuck and Patti doing “Takes My Breath Away.” What child doesn’t want to hear that they’re loved this much

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Carly Simon and Jim Brickman add a truly mellow version of the traditional Hush Li’l Baby” and Nightnoise’s “Rose of Tralee” is freshly blooming; Patty Larkin sings about a feathery “Carolina.” And then there’s Sinead O’Conner, at her wistful best:

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But just maybe you’d like another piece of “Peace Piece,” which is totally non-fattening and stress-free.

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