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Mother Goose Jazz Band
    by John Cech

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That's from a CD called See How They Run, which includes such nursery rhyme favorites as "London Bridge," "Fuzzy Wuzzy,"and "This Old Man." Here, they've all been transformed into jazz numbers, some with very familiar vibes to them

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That's Josh Greenburg with the vocals in a delicious homage to Dave Brubeck's famous "Take Five." And appropriately so, since Dave Brubeck's son Chris plays bass on the album. When you think about it, the riffs and improvisations of jazz and the nursery are well suited to each other. They both depend on passing things along by ear from generation to generation, and they both are unafraid to take playful, spontaneous new directions, like this spin, from Laurel Massé and the chorus, on the old, old song about that fabled sleeper who can doze through the dings and dongs of even the loudest bells:

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