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Scat Like That
    by John Cech

Now, here's a song from the prolific duo of Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer that has my complete culinary attention:

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This tasty, bi-lingual excursion into the world of pies is on a new CD called Scat Like That from Rounder Records. Cathy and Marcy are in great form, playing a variety of musical word games that include an entire polka based on Pig Latin, and a blues number about a kid who is in time-out because the language (and the attitude) he (or she) is using is just a little too consonantal. There are riddles and limericks and a yodeling vowel song, all done in different musical styles and with real panache. They even get a group of kids involved, a round based on the idea that you'd never have to change your socks if you were wearing the right color to begin with:

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This is a CD to have on long family car trips. By the second day, you'll be spelling along, delighted, right across the country with your toes tapping all the way:

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