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Mary Had a Little Amp
    by John Cech

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It's from a new CD compilation called Mary Had a Little Amp, the proceeds from which go to two organizations working with preschool childen: Project Kid Smart and Start Smart America. The CD features songs like these from singers not usually thought of as belonging to the familiar band of childhood performers. Moby appears, with a song called "Anchovie." Bonnie Raitt offers her version of that moving lullaby from Dumbo, "Baby Mine." Dave Matthews is here, with the Blue Man Group, to do "Sing Along," the Indigo Girls are having a "Party in the Louquat Tree," R.E.M. has a tune about walking, and the Dixie Chicks are looking for "The Rainbow Connection." It's an unusual mix of songs that stretches some ideas of what children's music can be. Of course, the best thing to do is put it on your CD player and let your kids decide.

Brief Sound Clip:

Copyright 2007 John Cech

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Wednesday, 02-May-2007 18:41:01 EDT

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